The ballerina at the Museum of Warsaw

Chinara Alizade – Prima Ballerina of the National Opera, is the heroine of the photo shoot we did at the Museum of Warsaw. The concept according to Monika Hallgren was to introduce a lot of humour into a serious museum. A ballerina who sneaks into the museum at night and steals a painting, quietly twists the light bulbs, cannot resist trying on historical costumes, is caught red-handed and stands still in a display case or pretends to be one of the sculptures. The interiors of the museum, filled with historical memorabilia and the specific lighting of the museum cabinets, give the photographs a unique, surreal ambiance. The author of the photographs is Piotr Leczkowski, who specialises in photographs of dancers. The production was handled by Kasia Straszewicz, and Andrzej Kawczyński was responsible for the make-up and hair. The effects of this work will soon be shown at the exhibition, the backstage photos are a foretaste.


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