Museum of Warsaw – Press release

The Museum of Warsaw, is a modern and interactive cultural institution that tells the story of Warsaw and its inhabitants in a multi-faceted way relating to history, culture and the present day. The idea of building a community around the Museum resulted in the establishment of the Museum of Warsaw Foundation by Anna Chodzeń, Dorota Roesler, Ewa Wilińska and Bogusław Galewski.
– Without patronage, there would be no important and significant projects, as history has repeatedly shown. Social responsibility in business is no longer just an empty slogan; more and more companies and organisations are acting for the benefit of culture and the arts. Individual patronage is also developing, in line with the global trend of private individuals supporting cultural institutions says Anna Chodzeń, Chairwoman of the Foundation’s Council.
The Museum of Warsaw Foundation wants to foster the need to shape civic attitudes and show how an informed citizen can influence positive changes in the urban space. ts mission is to draw attention to the Museum and its comprehensive and dynamic activities by supporting the purchase of contemporary art and educational programmes aimed at children, young people, adults and seniors. The Foundation also supports the Museum’s publishing and integration initiatives, with a particular focus on programmes for children and adults from Ukraine to get to know and like Warsaw. The funds raised by the Foundation, helped us to organise a series of guided tours of Warsaw in Ukrainian, as well as inspiring workshops with Vava Dudu, an icon of the Paris art scene. We will be announcing more joint projects soon.
– One of our aims is to support purchases for the emerging collection of contemporary art thematically linked to Warsaw. We want contemporary art to document the history of the city and add to the contemporary context.says Agnieszka Jarosz, President of the Foundation’s Management Board.
Thanks to the commitment of sponsors and donors, future generations of Varsovians, as well as all visitors to Warsaw, will be able to discover the city’s past not only through a museum collection steeped in history, but also to get to know the contemporary face of this European capital and its inhabitants by communing with art. We believe that the Foundation’s collaboration with the Museum will mark the start of a new chapter in Warsaw’s history.
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