About the Museum of Warsaw

The Heart of Warsaw Museum

The Museum of Warsaw is a municipal cultural institution nurturing the memory of this extraordinary city, its people and its inhabitants. There are more than 300,000 exhibits in the Museum’s collection. A large part of them are gifts of the heart – personal items donated after the war by residents of the capital.
They wished to participate in commemorating the city and preserving the continuity of its history. The Museum is located in the very heart of the capital, in the Old Town Square, a place symbolising the rebirth of Warsaw after the tragic years of World War II.

We are open to the meeting of different backgrounds, perspectives, ideas. Through the organisation of exhibitions and educational programmes, we promote the most important social competences: tolerance, cooperation, creativity.
We conduct scientific activities resulting in specialised research and studies. We implement an educational programme for all those who want to understand Warsaw.

We publish books on Warsaw, from historical studies to fiction. In our nine branches with different profiles, we take care of the development of local communities by involving them in our activities.
Thanks to the support of EU and Norwegian funds, the Museum of Warsaw has undergone a spectacular transformation in recent years and invites you to an attractive public space at the headquarters and branches: Museum of the Rebuilding of the Old Town – Centre for the Interpretation of the Monument, Museum of Pharmacy, Museum of Warsaw Praga, Museum of Wola, Memorial – Palmiry, Korczakianum, Museum of Printing, Museum of the Field Ordinariate, Barbican. These venues can be hired for conferences and various events.

Museum of Warsaw