Museum of Warsaw Foundation launch event

It was an evening full of emotion, we took guests on a mysterious journey in a setting of classical music at its best. The pretext was the vernissage of photographs by Piotr Leczkowski, who photographed the First Dancer of the National Ballet Chiara Alizade at the Museum of Warsaw. Jarosław Trybuś, telling anecdotes about the history of Warsaw, led the guests through some of the rooms. In the starkest light, the museum’s interiors looked like they had been taken out of a Harry Potter story. In the Portrait Cabinet, specially decorated for the occasion, we listened to a wonderful mini violin recital by Maria Sławek. Museum Director Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska gave an overview of the Museum’s mission, we briefly introduced the Foundation and Monika Hallgren talked about the artistic concept behind the photo shoot. Guests also had the opportunity to see some of the contemporary art works for which the Foundation is raising funds. Conversations over delicious wines from Melzynski, sweets from Lukullus and other refreshments dragged on until very late, so we are already thinking about the next unusual event – this time we will move into the atmosphere of a certain distinct era, but we don’t want to give away too many details. Anyone who has once visited the history- and art-filled interiors of the Museum of Warsaw, felt the accompanying emotions and listened to Warsaw stories, always comes back for more. The best way to stay informed about planned events and exhibitions at the Museum of Warsaw is to sign up to our newsletter.

Photos: Tomasz Kaczor


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