Our achievements

Photo: Piotr Leczkowski

5 July

Joanna Czech at the Museum of Warsaw

Although Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour come to her salon, Joanna Czech does not like the term ‘celebrity beautician’. She treats every client as an equal. Few know that when Joanna visits Poland she always stops in the Old Town, near the Museum of Warsaw. awy. In July, she came to tell journalists about her cosmetics line The Kit, and she also visited the Museum of Warsaw with her colleagues and family. She was very interested in the history of Warsaw’s skyscrapers. She also looked intently at the formal outfits in the exhibition Things of Warsaw.

2 June

A series of family walks "Explore Warsaw with Us"

We provided financial support to the Programme for refugee families who find themselves in a new and difficult life situation. During seven meetings organised at branches of the Warsaw Museum, workshops and legal, educational and psychological consultations were held for Ukrainian families, aimed at discovering cultures and customs together. During walks around Warsaw, we discussed in Ukrainian the practical aspects of getting around the city.

Photo: Tomasz Kaczor

19 May

Guided tour of the Grażyna Hase exhibition

Where dresses six

The Grażyna Hase Always in Fashion exhibition at the Museum of Warsaw, is hugely popular. Our chief Polish fashion designer in the post-war years was able to conjure up “something from nothing” like no one else, thanks to which she gracefully concealed the shortcomings of materials, including denim. Guests who attended the opening and the subsequent guided tour organised by the Foundation were able to see what the legendary “Cossack look” of clothes from the military collection was all about and take a peek behind the scenes of fashion shoots during the communist era, as Hase was a popular model before she became a designer. Among the visitors to the exhibition of female journalists, influencers and representatives of culture and the arts, Joanna Klimas and Kasia Sokołowska, invited by the Foundation, appeared at the opening. Popołudnie z modą zakończyliśmy delektując się winem i rozmawiając o sztuce.We ended the afternoon with fashion by enjoying wine and talking about art.

7 June

Guided tours for expats of the exhibition "Things of Warsaw"

The discreet appeal of diplomacy

Monika Hallgren invited diplomats, artists, and business leaders to the Museum of Warsaw, including Swiss Vice Ambassador Matthias Dettling, Polish National Ballet Director Krzysztof Pastor, and Japanese Ambassador Akio Miyajima.

The thrilling tour began in the treasure-filled cellars and was conducted in English. The visitors were fascinated by the oldest surviving ceiling and bombarded with questions about the artifacts housed in the museum’s ‘cabinets,’ which are part of the permanent exhibition. Fascinated by Warsaw stories, they continued their conversation over a glass of wine in the Swietlik, which offered a delicious view of the Old Town.

3 July

Workshop with Vava Dudu

She has worked with Bjork, Lady Gaga, Ebony Bones and Peaches collaboratively designing their stage outfits. Vava Dudu is a legend of the Parisian avant-garde scene. She grew up in Paris in the early 1970s and her parents were from Martinique. She quickly gained recognition in the fashion world when she joined the atelier of Jean Paul Gaultier in 1997. Five years later, as a member of the neo-punk band La Chatte, she began to enrich her art with music and poetry that she creates herself. In her very personal post-cubist approach to drawing, one can see the energy of Jean-Michel Basquiat, so much so that the symbols strive to spread on all possible surfaces, including her own face. Vava’s work has been shown in group exhibitions and performances at the Palais de Tokyo, and Le Confort Moderne in Paris, as well as the Belgian gallery Komplot. The Museum of Warsaw Foundation raised the money that enabled the artist to fly to Poland. Young people from Poland and Ukraine took part in workshops organised by Gunia Nowik Gallery, the MoW Foundation and the French Institute at the Museum of Warsaw.