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How can you help?

As a non-profit organisation, the Foundation does not receive regular public funding. This means that the support of individual donors is an extremely important form of support for its existence and the continuation of its mission to promote art and culture in cooperation with the Museum of Warsaw.
Your support, whatever its value, is extremely valuable and there are many ways to get involved:

individual support in the form of in-kind or cash donations corporate patronage

sponsorship of events organised by the Museum of Warsaw Foundation

support for the educational project organised by the Foundation in cooperation with the Museum

purchase of works for the collection of the Museum of Warsaw

financial donation I support the Foundation in the form of a one-off payment or as a regular monthly transfer for the amount of PLN 100 150, 300, 450 or any amount.

Depending on the package and the form of involvement, you will receive a range of privileges related to the Museum’s activities, participation in VIP events, vernissages and exhibitions with a personalised curatorial tour, the opportunity to use the Museum’s space, accreditation at international art fairs, the opportunity to participate in trips organised in cooperation with the Museum and other benefits.