Katarzyna Straszewicz​

Photo: Ignacy Matuszewski

Member of The Board

Katarzyna Straszewicz

A native of Warsaw for generations, journalist. She inherited her interest in fashion and clothing history from her grandfather, who ran a popular men’s fashion boutique in Warsaw before the war.

She studied law and journalism in Warsaw, then moved to Paris and London to be able to visit the museums there in peace (several times each). She needs at least three hours to see an exhibition and still returns the next day.
She has written several books, done dozens of interviews and photo shoots while working for the Polish paper and online editions of Vogue since its launch. She is fascinated by marketing communication and how to raise awareness of a brand in the social space.

She would like the Museum of Warsaw Foundation to become a form of exclusive club to which it is a privilege to belong.

Photo: Ignacy Matuszewski